Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any nationality or residency restrictions?

– Teams must consist of a minimum of 3 players who:
     Are valid citizens of countries in the Southeast Asia / Oceania / China region
     Have a nationality of a country in the Southeast Asia / Oceania / China region
– Players must present proof of residency or nationality for verification purposes.


If I lost in the first qualifiers, can my team still register for the second qualifiers?
– No. Teams are only allowed to register for one Open Qualifiers. If you have registered for both Open Qualifiers, you will be removed from the second Open Qualifiers.


Am I allowed to compete in the tournament if I am a transgender female?
– Transgender females are allowed to participate in the tournament if they are able to provide valid documentation as proof that they have completed their transition.
– Valid documentation include, but are not limited to passports and / or national identity cards.



How many qualifiers are there and when do they begin?

– There are 2 Open SEA Qualifiers , 1 Open China Qualifiers and 1 Wild Card Qualifiers
– The dates are as follows:
     Open SEA Qualifiers: 29th & 30th December 2018
     Open China Qualifiers: 5th January 2019
     Wild Card Qualifiers: 6th January 2019


What are the Wild Card Qualifiers?

– The 4th-7th Place teams from each Open SEA Qualifiers will advance to the Wild Card Qualifiers on the 6th January 2019.
– The champion of the Wild Card Qualifiers will advance to the LAN Grand Finals at Battle Arena Malaysia


What kind of recording are players required to submit?

– All players are required to record themselves playing during the tournament. The footage must be clear and must include the Player playing during matches and the Player’s monitor / screen during matches.
– In the event of a dispute, players are required to submit the respective footages to the organizing committee / admin team for review. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of that match.



What is the breakdown for the prize pool?

Prize Pool DistributionRM 20,000
1st PlaceRM10,000
2nd PlaceRM5,000
3rd-4th PlaceRM2,500 (x2)RM5,000


How will we receive our prize money?
– All prize money transfers are handled via bank transfer.
– Prize money will be distributed to winners within 90 days after the conclusion of the Grand Finals.
– The prize money will only be transferred to the team captain. The team captain is responsible in ensuring that all members of the team will receive their respective percentage of the prize money.